Practice Areas

Forensic Accounting


Forensic Accounting focuses on providing incisive financial analysis of matters and to evaluate relative merits of positions on specific issues.

Forensic Accounting in the areas of loss of profits, damages calculation, accounting negligence, family law, personal injury, contractual disputes or other areas of litigation. It would generally include experts’ reports and Court appointed Valuations.


Corporate Investigations involves assessing issues such as breach of director’s duties, fraudulent misrepresentation, fraud, risk management and tracing of funds and other investigatory work. 

Business Analytics


Business Analytics involves  means finding out the issues with your business by reviewing the fundamentals. 


The facts are determined by analysing all of the circumstances of the trading business and determining (cost effectively) the top 3 issues (and the secondary issues) that need to be dealt with to move the business forward from its current position to the business owners desired position.


Many times the founders or business owner have a sense of what is wrong but need an independant third party to dispassionately determine a way forward.

External CFO


Over the past 20 years working with business owners, the most common complaint is that they wish they had a reliable, commercial person who can be available when the need them to assist in making commrecial decisions.


The external CFO provides the business owner with a financially astute commercial person "at their fingertips".  The CFO can make quick assessments or complex financvial analysis so that they can make quick decisions.


In addition, if the business owner is not sure how to respond to tricky questions from institutions, for example banks, credit providers, ASIC or other regulatory bodies,  the CFO is the person able to do so quickly as a person within and part of their organisation. 

Business Management 


Our Business management services are intended to maximise client’s net financial wealth by adopting totally professional and focused business growth strategies.


Our team helps clients in a practical way in order to enable them to develop business concepts and gain a deeper understanding of their business.


Those skills learned can be applied immediately by the small business owner/manager in order to increase the efficiency of their business.


We have been coaching business owners for more than 20 years.

Bookkeeping supervision


Having dealt with hundreds of bookkeepers over the past 20 years, we can help you deal with bookkeepers and keep them on track.


Quite often bookkeepers, are not supervised adequatelty (or at all on occassions) and the business owners think all is 'OK'.    When they get that nasty shock, all of a sudden confidence is lost and issues need to be identified and help givent o put them back on track.


We will gain the fundamendal understanding of the issues and get the bookkeeping back to where it needs to be quickly by helping the person in the position make the necessary amendments.

Business Mastery


The Business Mastery program was designed, developed and commercially tested by us.  These SME consulting methodologies have been used both in Australia and overseas.


Business Mastery is a consulting program that combines the benefits of group workshops and one-on-one consulting.


The program uses a “whole of business” approach to profit and business value improvement. That is, the program, in its entirety, will go through every aspect of your business in order to identify performance improvement possibilities. There are 10 learning modules and it takes approximately 12 months to complete the entire program.  the program is a fixed monthly fee program (the level of fee depending on the level of involvement).


We are specialists in the small to medium business market (turnover from ~$200,000 to ~$25m) and work in several areas that are classified as follows:

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